Our Story

We wanted protein powder but with only natural ingredients that we completely trusted in. That was the motivation behind the formulation of Devine Protein.

Devine Protein is designed under the guidance of one of NZ’s leading nutritionists and made with superior 100% grass-fed New Zealand whey protein and high quality, natural ingredients.

We choose to use whey protein as it is rich in branched chain amino acids and achieves some of the highest biological values available in all proteins (BV). This means whey protein has a high absorbency into muscles which aids in better recovery, better muscle growth and conditioning. Whey protein is also naturally high in immune boosting immunoglobulins.

Devine Protein is ideal for the professional athlete looking to boost their protein intake through to the individual who is trying to lose body fat via a controlled nutrition plan and anyone in between.

 Devine Protein has the benefits of being:
• 100% grass-fed New Zealand whey protein
• Low carb
• Mixes easily (none of that sandy, lumpy stuff!)
• Sweetened naturally with Monk Fruit and Stevia 
• No binders, fillers or inferior proteins used
• Rich in branched chain amino acids to support rapid muscle growth
• No artificial colours, flavours or sweetener.